Upholstery Cleaning

Treat Your Upholstery to a Thorough Deep Clean


Here at Persian Rug Cleaning New York City, we know that our clients – both residential and commercial – have busy lives. That’s why we are here, providing a wide range of deep upholstery cleaning services across Riverdale, The Bronx & Kingsbridge, NY. Furniture really makes a room special but, over time, if it’s not looked after, it will inevitably begin to accumulate dirt, dust, grime and soil – and that’s not counting spots, stains and pollutants. At a certain point, a simple vacuuming of the material or use of a cloth with soap will not do the trick – which is when you need to call us.


We are completely committed to the deep and thorough cleaning of your furniture, whether it’s a sofa, chair, ottoman or mattresses. We use powerful, industrial machinery which blasts hot jets of water at the fabric, getting out the most difficult stains and spots. We only use green cleaning products, because we care about the health of you, your family and your employees, and we promise that there will be no toxic chemicals or harmful products left, when we are finished


Don’t Settle For Neglected Looking Furniture


We understand that some people think upholstery cleaning isn’t of major importance, but the only problem with thinking this way is that that the longer your furniture goes unclean, the more tired, shabby and neglected it will become. When you use it every day, you may not be particularly aware of this, but after it’s been cleaned the difference will astonish you. Let us breathe new life into your pieces and give your space a fresh new feel. Routine cleaning also means that you’ll save on having to replace entire pieces, because you are looking after them.


Finally, we can’t not mention the enormous health benefits associated with upholstery cleaning. Our machinery will rid your material of bacteria, dust, grime and soil. It will eliminate all kinds of nasty odors, as well as the familiar smell of your pets! If you suffer from allergies or skin rashes, it will make your life more pleasant. And it will improve the air quality of your space no end, making it more comfortable for you to work or enjoy your free time.


For more about our professional and efficient upholstery services, call one of our team…we will be glad to advise you further and supply you with a free no-obligation quote.


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